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We are a married couple that parties with Single men, single women and Couples in the Swinging Lifestyle.
We have traveled many places in the United States and Canada to party at Swingers Clubs, Lifestyle Conventions and Swinger Parties.
We have been in Las Vegas our whole life and partied at most every swingers club in Las Vegas for many years.
We are very loyal to the swinging Lifestyle and do not like to see people tricked or taken advantage of by those in it for just the money.

There are many definitions of Swingers in todays Lifestyle. The word means nothing, it is what this lifestyle is about to you and you only.

The Old defintion:
SWINGER: Recreational Sex Between Consenting Adults - Couples, single women and single men.

The New Definition:
SWINGER: A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners - Many feel swinging today is for couples only.

Swinging is what works for you no matter if you are part of a couple or a single women or man.
Respect, total honesty and the love of the Lifestyle is what it is all about.
Contrary to what some believe, Cheating is not Swinging and Swingers do not respect or want to party with Cheaters!
Do what is comfortable to you and if your part of a couple what is comfortable for them also.
Never ask your spouse to do anything they do not want to do or are not comfortable with.
Enjoy and respect yourself and your spouse and all those involved in the Swinging Lifestyle!
Keep it simple, don't over think it and don't make more of the Swinging Lifestyle then it is.
The relationship with your spouse is the most important thing in life so honor that.

The Vegas Red Rooster has been open for 25 years.
800 to 1000 people come to the Rooster Parties each week. 60% locals and 40% are tourists.
The Rooster is Mike and Chris's home, not some upscale fancy type night club.
It is clean and safe and has provided Swingers with a place to party longer than any other place in Las Vegas.
It has always been about the Swingers and the parties to Mike, he charges the same donation today as he did 25 years ago.
The Rooster is open to everyone, couples, single women and single men. Mike believes that the Lifestyle is for everyone.
The average age of Swingers in the United States is 43 years old. You will find both younger and older at the Rooster.
We party two nights a week, Saturday and Sunday at the Vegas Red Rooster.

After a lifetime in Vegas and many years in the swinging Lifestyle we feel there are only two swingers parties in Las Vegas.
The Vegas Red Rooster and Couples Oasis.
If you like Couples only parties then Oasis is the party for you.
Both of those parties are real swingers parties. Not tourist traps out to rip you off.
The Swingers parties held at the Vegas Red Rooster and the Oasis are clean and safe.
If you want Informaion about Swingers Events in Las Vegas then check out Vegas Swing Party.
If you are looking for Swingers Clubs in the United States check out NASCA.

This is our experienced opinions. The Swinging Lifestyle and these parties many not be for you but they work for us!

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We would never consider going to the green door, red rooster 3 or the hush club
All three places are backed by the same man and he is very well known to the Las Vegas Police and the District Attorney office.
The Green door, hush club and red rooster 3 are all in very bad parts of Las Vegas.
The Red Rooster 3 and the hush club hire and promote strippers, hostesses and dancers. Those are not common in real Swingers Clubs.
Using the red rooster 3 name is done just to try to trick people into thinking they are going to the world famous Vegas Red Rooster.
Why use another clubs name if you have a legit business? Why use red rooster web sites to trick unknowning tourists into coming to your place?
All this is done for a reason and the locals know the reasons and don't bother going to any of those places.
If you look at their web sites they even steal text off of the vegas red rooster web site to try to convince people they are the rooster.
They will bad mouth the vegas red rooster on the Internet in postings but they seem to want to be the Vegas Red Rooster.
Many of the employees of the green door, the hush club and the red rooster 3 have or do party at the real Vegas Red Rooster.
Has to tell you something when their own managers and employees go to a real swingers club to have fun.